1) Invoice Approval Process

After a field invoice has been entered into the system, the person responsible for invoice entry will change the invoice status code to “Authorize.” At this time, the invoice status is “Pending Approval.” It is now sitting in an approval queue, waiting for the responsible individual to logon to their approval queue and approve the invoice for payment.

This section of the training material illustrates how to access the Invoice Processing “Approval Queue” and authorize an invoice for payment.

The scenario for this process is that an invoice is waiting in your “Approval Queue.” Here are the invoice particulars:
  • The approver is David Osborne.
  • The invoice number is 123A.
  • The vendor is McJunkin Corporation.
  • The Cost Distribution Authority (CDA) is TTP.
  • The Terms are Net 30.
  • The invoice is for fabricated components consisting of 1 ea. valve at a cost of $90.
  • Freight is $5.00.
  • This is a taxable transaction and the tax is $5.00.
  • The gross amount of the invoice is $100.00.
  • The location is FC.
  • The tax region is 12.
  • There is only one line item on this invoice and the Accounting Control Key (ACK) is 2121290310. This is also known as the Accounting Charge Number at.
  • Instead of celebrating the new millennium going to Paris, London, Hawaii or a $1,000 per ticket Neil Diamond concert, Mr. Osborne has elected to approve invoices on New Years Eve. Therefore, let’s assume the date is 12/31/99.

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    1) Invoice Approval Process
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