1) General Ledger Drill Down Access

Invoice Processing allows you to review journal entries and in certain instances the source for the journal entries. For those journal entries whose sources are Accounts Payable related, you can drill down to the invoice level and review the source documents which make up the journal entry.

This section of the training material illustrates how to access the Invoice Processing "Account Drill Down".

After accessing the system, you will see the Invoice Processing startup screen. To access the "Account Drill Down" feature, click on the "Applications" menu, then click on "Account Drill Down" and finally click on "View Balances". The following figure shows the menu tree and the actions required.

This completes the demo version of the Invoice Processing Program. To return to the TAI web site, simply close this browser window. For more information about this program, please contact our offices.

GL Drill Down Contents
    1) General Ledger Drill Down Access
    2) The View Balances Dialogue Box
    3) Viewing Balances - Example
    4) The Balances List
    5) Drilling Down to the Journal Entry Level
    6) The Journal Entry Level
    7) The Source Level
    8) The Invoice Level
    9) Next Steps