2) The “Open Invoice” Dialogue Box

The "Open Invoice" dialogue box should be active. Before we use this dialogue box, here is an overview.

Features of the "Open Invoice" dialogue box include:

  • Drill down to invoices by purchase order number.
  • Drill down to invoices by vendor and invoice number.
  • Drill down to invoices by vendor and invoice range.

The figure below shows the "Open Invoice" dialogue box with the three tabs used for the searches described above.

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Invoice Inquiry by P.O. Contents
    1) Invoice Inquiry Access
    2) The “Open Invoice” Dialogue Box
    3) Viewing All Invoices Relating to One Purchase Order
    4) The Invoices List Screen
    5) Retrieving a Particular Invoice
    6) Reviewing the Invoice Returned by Invoice Processing
    7) Retrieving Invoice Properties
    8) Reviewing Invoice Properties – Payment Properties
    9) Reviewing Invoice Properties – Vendor Properties
    10) Reviewing Invoice Properties – Processing Properties
    11) Reviewing Invoice Properties – Additional Info Properties
    12) Retrieving the Summary Information
    13) Reviewing Summary Information – Amounts
    14) Reviewing Summary Information – Amounts - Continued