2) The Invoices List

Invoice Processing returns the "Invoices" list with all the invoices in the range we requested. When you review the list, it may appear that Invoice Processing did not follow your range rules because there are invoices larger arithmetically than 9999. However, the system did return the appropriate invoices as we requested. It is just a quirk in the method in which Invoice Processing handles ranges.

You can use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to view additional information or lines.

In the "Status" column, the "P" means Payment Scheduled and the "I" means In Progress.

You may sort the invoices based on any column in the list. Highlight that column and click on the "Sort" button.

Take special note of invoice number 5847. The second invoice in the list with this number has a "CB" after it, which stands for "Cut Back." The invoice number 5847 has been cut back to the value of the purchase order. The invoice number is the same.

After you have reviewed the list, you may double click on the particular invoice you want to review. This will bring back the "Invoice" screen that we reviewed earlier in this section. Therefore, we will not review it again here.

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    1) Searching for Invoices by Vendor/Invoice Range
    2) The Invoices List