1) The Purchase Order

Now that you have learned several ways to access the purchase order, let’s take a look at the “Purchase Order” screen. This screen will have all of the information that you are used to seeing on the old system. You may not see it all on one screen. However, it is readily available. There is a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the purchase order to allow you to scroll to the right. There is also a vertical scroll bar to view additional lines of the purchase order.

Note: You will sometimes see buttons or menu options that are unavailable or “grayed out.” You will also see buttons such as “Update” and “Approve” which will never be available. These buttons would normally be used for updating and approving purchase orders and those functions are handled by a separate purchase order system.

The screen shot below shows some of the “Purchase Order” screen’s features.

Note: The material description is mapped to the EROS parent commodity codes.

P.O. Activity Contents
    1) The Purchase Order
    2) The Purchase Order - Scrolling Right
    3) The Purchase Order - Expanding Columns
    4) Purchase Order Payments
    5) Purchase Order Payments - Continued
    6) Purchase Order Payments - Continued
    7) Purchase Order Quantities
    8) Purchase Order Quantities - Continued