13) Selecting a PO to Record Material Receipts Using Vendor and PO Tab

System performance is at its best if you access most of your Material Receipts screens by the complete purchase order number. However, one of the features of the WIN$ system allows you to locate purchase orders by vendor.

We will now use the “Vendor and PO” tab to select a purchase order to record material receipts. To begin this search method, click on the “Vendor and PO” tab found on the “Open Material Receipts” screen. You will type in at least three characters of the purchase order number to be located. These are called the criteria.

The facts for this scenario are:

  • The vendor is McJunkin Corporation. It is the McJunkin vendor at P.O. Box 513.
  • You have just received 8 couplings, 8 T’s, 8 red brass elbows and 8 SWT elbows
  • You are not sure of the purchase order number but you think it starts with “1PM.”

To find this purchase order:

  • Click on the “Vendor and PO” tab.
  • In the “Vendor” text box, type in at least the first three characters of the vendor name.
  • In this case, we will type in “MCJ” for McJunkin.
  • Next to the “Vendor” text box, type in “000” to get the vendors from the purchase order system.
  • Click on the drop down arrow to retrieve a “Vendors” list that matches our criterion of “MCJ.”

Material Receipts Contents
    1) Materials Receipts Access
    2) The “Open Material Receipts” Dialogue Box
    3) Opening a Purchase Order for Material Receipts
    4) The Material Receipts Screen
    5) Additional Material Receipts Information
    6) Receiving the Materials
    7) Receiving the Materials
    8) New Receipts
    9) Selecting a PO to Record Material Receipts Using the Drop Down Box
    10) Purchase Orders Number List
    11) WIN$ brings the Purchase Order Number Forward
    12) WIN$ Returns The Material Receipts Screen
    13) Selecting a PO to Record Material Receipts Using Vendor and PO Tab
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    18) New Receipts
    19) Different Methods of Viewing Receipts
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