15) WIN$ returns the Vendor Name

After selecting the vendor, WIN$ brings the information forward and populates the “Vendor” text box.

At this point, we would continue with a search for the purchase order number. To perform the purchase order number search, we would:

  • Click on the PO number text box.
  • Type in at least three characters of the PO number.
  • Click on the Drop Down arrow.
  • WIN$ will return a list of purchase orders for McJunkin Corp.
  • From the “Purchase Orders” list, select the PO number.

Note: Since we have performed these steps earlier during our discussion of the “PO” tab, they will not be shown again here. For our exercise, let’s assume that we located purchase order number “1PM0100.” Experiment on your own by finding a purchase order from the “Purchase Orders” list.

The completed “Open Material Receipts” dialogue box is shown in the figure below. To view the “Material Receipts” screen for this vendor and purchase order, either hit the [ENTER] key or click on the “OK” button.

Material Receipts Contents
    1) Materials Receipts Access
    2) The “Open Material Receipts” Dialogue Box
    3) Opening a Purchase Order for Material Receipts
    4) The Material Receipts Screen
    5) Additional Material Receipts Information
    6) Receiving the Materials
    7) Receiving the Materials
    8) New Receipts
    9) Selecting a PO to Record Material Receipts Using the Drop Down Box
    10) Purchase Orders Number List
    11) WIN$ brings the Purchase Order Number Forward
    12) WIN$ Returns The Material Receipts Screen
    13) Selecting a PO to Record Material Receipts Using Vendor and PO Tab
    14) Selecting a Vendor from the Vendors List
    15) WIN$ returns the Vendor Name
    16) Receiving All the items in the Material Receipts Screen
    17) Updating the Database with the Receipt Quantities
    18) New Receipts
    19) Different Methods of Viewing Receipts
    20) Receiving Quantities in an “Over-Receipts” Condition