4) The Material Receipts Screen

After typing in the purchase order number and clicking on the “OK” button, the system will search for and display the “Material Receipts” screen as shown below.

Review the “Material Receipts” screen for the following features:

  • You may scroll to the right using the horizontal scroll bar to view additional information about the purchase order lines currently in view.
  • You may scroll down to view additional purchase order lines using the vertical scroll bar.
  • The “Receipt Status” column will have three possible indicators, “C” for complete, “P” for partial and blank for no receipts.

Note: If Invoice Processing cannot find the purchase order number in the database, it will return a message box that states, “No records found.” Just click on the “OK” button to start the process again.

Material Receipts Contents
    1) Materials Receipts Access
    2) The “Open Material Receipts” Dialogue Box
    3) Opening a Purchase Order for Material Receipts
    4) The Material Receipts Screen
    5) Additional Material Receipts Information
    6) Receiving the Materials
    7) Receiving the Materials
    8) New Receipts
    9) Selecting a PO to Record Material Receipts Using the Drop Down Box
    10) Purchase Orders Number List
    11) Invoice Processing brings the Purchase Order Number Forward
    12) Invoice Processing Returns The Material Receipts Screen
    13) Selecting a PO to Record Material Receipts Using Vendor and PO Tab
    14) Selecting a Vendor from the Vendors List
    15) Invoice Processing returns the Vendor Name
    16) Receiving All the items in the Material Receipts Screen
    17) Updating the Database with the Receipt Quantities
    18) New Receipts
    19) Different Methods of Viewing Receipts
    20) Receiving Quantities in an “Over-Receipts” Condition