2) The “Open Material Returns” Dialogue Box

The “Open Material Returns” dialogue box should be active. Features of the “Open Material Returns” dialogue box are identical to those discussed in the Material Receipts section of the training. These include:
  • Selection of purchase order by purchase order number or by vendor number. It is recommended that you select by purchase order number.
  • Drop down box for selecting a particular purchase order. After typing in at least three characters, the system will return a list of purchase order numbers, which start with those characters.
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Material Returns Contents
    1) Material Returns Access
    2) The “Open Material Returns” Dialogue Box
    3) Let’s Find Out How to Return Materials Using Invoice Processing.
    4) The Material Returns Screen
    5) Returning the Materials
    6) Recording a Reason Code
    7) New Returns
    8) Searching for POs
    9) Next Steps