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Customized Training

TECHNOLOGY AFFILIATES INTERNATIONAL employs hundreds of superb resources worldwide to provide customized training for corporate and small business environments.

Applying Web-Based Technology To Traditional Training Situations

Web-based training gives is an efficient and cost effective method of rolling out new system training across a broad geographic region to a diverse group of employees. Because electronic documents are readily at your fingertips, training materials no longer need to be published in hard-copy format. This eliminates the need for compilation and distribution of costly manuals. Web-based documents can be dynamically altered throughout the life of a system. Thus, electronic manuals never become obsolete.
Experienced users can log onto the web site and immediately see what's new with the system or a corporate policy situation. Web-based training allows companies to roll out training without the need for expensive classroom settings, travel expenses and down-time.
Webinars offer the human touch of a teacher speaking to trainees and possibly taking live questions via text.
Screencast technology allows a trainer to record what users will see on their screens and narrate over the video, giving a much richer user experience than text and static screenshots.
A wiki is a collaboratively-written information repository that allows employees to quickly add their knowledge, subject to security access and editorial controls. This "organic" knowledgebase enables employees to find the information they need efficiently, and also enables permanent employee knowledge retention in a world of ever-shorter employee tenures.
Web-based content can even be optimized for mobile devices, giving true anytime/anywhere availability.
People like to use web-based training, because it makes necessary learning fun!
Examples of use include: