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From Our Consultants

Why I enjoy working for TAI:
"I choose to align myself with people and organizations that have integrity and strong ethical values. I believe in doing what is in the best interest of the client and I want to work with organizations that support that principle. This is why I work through TAI as my first choice. Also, TAI compensates more than fairly and is selective in its choice of consultants to help insure that only competent people who share the same values represent TAI."
CM from New Mexico
"TAI facilitates autonomy and independence for its consultants while maintaining integrity and standards of excellence with its clients; an optimum condition for all."
VR from California
"I enjoy the diverse assignments that I have been a part of as a contractor for TAI, including an assignment in Europe which remains the high point of my contracting career. TAI promotes a win-win-win atmosphere for the client, TAI and the contractor. TAI maintains an honest, aboveboard relationship with the contractor. TAI follows through on its commitments and promises. I have had a rewarding relationship with TAI since 1995. TAI has really helped me be a successful computer consultant. I would recommend TAI to anyone wanting to enhance their career as a computer consultant."
JS from Colorado